Automation 102 – How to make it

In the last article about Automation (101), I presented you quickly how Microsoft managed across their teams to follow a “well-understood and consistent mechanisms to consume, update, and share engineering [culture]”. Thankfully to the Open Sourcing of the code but not only, the opening of their process. Now that we know the what and partially the how, can we reproduce something alike? Welcome to this guided tour :-)

Automation 101 – Making it possible

When we talk about automation in DevOps, we directly think about automating infrastructure and deployment. Alongside with all the well-known tooling as Kubernetes, Ansible, Docker, etc. But automation doesn’t stop here and even begin far way behind, directly at the Developer and Engineer side! Today we will see how we can introduce some automation for a .Net Core project / team. To note this is a share of vision not yet a guideline 😉